Facebook Emphasizing Relevant Content

“Content” has been the key word my classes this semester. Producing more of it that is relevant and useful to a brand’s audience is mainly the message I’ve been receiving.

Facebook has been dialing in on producing and sharing this relevant content in its newsfeed algorithms. Reading Facebook’s news article¬†and TechCrunch’s take on this idea of high quality content, I found that Facebook is really trying to filter out information that is beneficial to us as consumers and the businesses themselves.

I learned that sharing memes create the wrong type of awareness and popularity for a brand, when I simply thought they were funny and entertaining.They really don’t give the businesses anything to build off or benefit from if a few thousand people like their meme poking fun at a competitor or current event. It doesn’t promote traffic to events or products that the business may offer.

I, as a Facebook user, am thankful that this type of algorithm is implemented. Yes, some are funny, but others are just annoying and dumb. If my newsfeed was constantly bombarded with this information, I’d shy more away from the platform than I already do. Memes are great for things like Pinterest because they are images that are easy to ignore if I don’t want to see them or share if I think they are funny. On Facebook, they seem out of place.

On Facebook, I want to learn something if I Like a brand or company. I want to know what their next event is or if I can get a discount at their store. I don’t want to see a goofy image that has no benefit to me.

Facebook, I see what you’re doing, and I see you trying to keep people like me, who are not the biggest fans anymore, around. And now with your Paper platform? Keep it up.

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  1. I agree with you and how you phrased that memes create the wrong type of awareness for brand’s. That is so true. Funny as there are at times, memes are not in the least bit beneficial. They are essentially mindless. So lucky for you and users like you, Facebook is starting to filter out these types of posts and pages.

  2. Meredith,
    Great post, interesting to read. I was wondering if you think there is a way a company could use memes in order to promote the company? To make them Facebook appropriate?

    1. If the memes aren’t derogatory or making fun of others/companies/etc., which typically they do, I think that could be successful. But I think that companies should focus more on interesting content because memes don’t share much of anything.

  3. I’ve also not been the biggest fan of Facebook recently, but I am seeing changes in my timeline thanks to the help of the new algorithm. Our generation I feel likes great images with get-to-the-point messaging. However, I like an occasional meme, but I am so glad they aren’t clogging up my timeline anymore! I think the meme was a foot in the door to creating better content. I wonder where our content would be if the meme had not posted its way to our timelines.

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